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RestrictionStart DateEnd Date
No vehicles over 120,000 lbs may cross the Tappen Zee Bridge01/21/200201/31/2019
TOPS will not issue I-84 permits beginning August 1, 200808/03/200812/31/2019
(1-87) Interchange 18 (New Paltz) - No vehicles over 11' (Entry)07/15/201412/15/2017
(I-87) Between Exits 14B to 14-No vehicles over 80,000 lbs.(Southbound Only).03/08/201703/31/2017
(I-87) Interchange 16 (Harriman) - No Vehicles Over 10' wide (Northbound Exit)08/01/200112/01/2019
(I-90) Between Exits 37 (Syracuse-Liverpool-Electronics Parkway) and Exit 38 (Syracuse-Liverpool)-No vehicles over 80,000 lbs. (both directions) until further notice.03/23/201711/15/2017
(I-90) Between Interchanges 40-41-No vehicles over 80,000 lbs.(both directions)05/28/201511/15/2025

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